Upon admission into Osun State Polytechnic, Iree,
I solemnly and sincerely promise and declare that I will pay due respect and show obedience to the Rector and other Officers or Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and that I will faithfully observe all regulations which may from time to time be issued by them for good order and govenance of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. In addition, I faithfully promise to refrain from any act of violence and other actions calculated to disrupt the work of Osun State Polytechnic or likely to bring Osun State Polytechnic, Iree to disrepute.
So Help Me God.


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I think you’ll like this bit of sage wisdom …

The most destructive habit – Worry
The greatest joy – Giving
The greatest loss – loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work – Helping others
The ugliest personality trait – Selfishness
The most endangered species – Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource – Our youth
The greatest “shot in the arm” – Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome – Fear

The most effective sleeping pill – Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease – Excuses
The most powerful force in life – Love

The most dangerous pariah – A gossiper
The world’s most incredible computer – The brain
The worst thing to be without – Hope

The deadliest weapon – The tongue
The two most power-filled words – “I Can”
The greatest asset – Faith

The most worthless emotion – Self-pity
The most beautiful attire – A smile!
The most prized possession – Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication – Prayer The most contagious spirit – Enthusiasm

I never make excuses
I can do anything
I love people.

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History tells us that while attempting to invent the incandescence light bulb, Thomas Edison, the world famous American Inventor, failed 10,000 times.

After 5,000 failed experiments, his laboratory attendant said to him; “Mr. Edison, we have failed 5,000 times, shouldn’t we stop?” Mr. Edison replied; “Son, we have not failed 5,000 times, we have only discovered 5,000 ways in which it cannot work. We are closer to the solution now than when we started.”

Success is the achievement of predetermined goals. But how do you respond when things do not go the way you planned? Do you feel discouraged and depressed? Does it make you want to quit? Everybody wants to succeed, no one wants to fail. However, our knowledge of success cannot be complete without knowing how to handle failure.

Successful people see failure as a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. They have the right attitude that failure will neither be fatal nor final. They refer to their failure as “learning experiences” or “temporary setbacks”.

On the other hand, unsuccessful people are usually those who are so afraid of failure and rejection that they spend their lives avoiding the risks that could result in failure. They do not realize that those who avoid failure inevitably avoid success.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Success will not come without you taking a risk.

Don’t let what you have done label you negatively. That you failed an interview, an examination or a sales pitch does not make you a failure. Who you are is different from what you have done.

Don’t say to yourself; “I am a failure” just because things did not work out right. If you do that, you have internalized your failure. If you allow failure to get into your heart, it will follow you everywhere.

A key thing to note is that failure is usually a sign that you need to change something. If things are not working, something is out of place.

Be willing to make adjustments prayerfully. Just a small change can result in an outstanding breakthrough.

Always remember that failure is not peculiar to you. Most successful people can write volumes on how not to succeed. They have tried many things that did not work. However, the world has not recognized them for the many ventures in which they failed. No. They have been recognized for the few areas in which they have achieved outstanding success.

Dear friend, as you travel on the road to success, you will have challenges. If you get knocked down, are you going to give up and stay down, wallowing in your defeat? Or are you going to get back on your feet as quickly as you can? You can use failure as a springboard to success.

Sam Adeyemi.

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This is Beautiful…

Whoever came up with this one must have been filled with the Holy Spirit!

A lthough things are not perfect,
B ecause of trial or pain,
C ontinue in thanksgiving
D on’t even think of whom to blame
E ven when the times are hard,
F ierce winds are bound to blow,
G od is forever able
H old on to Jesus .
I magine life without His love,
J oy would cease to be,
K eep thanking Him for all the things
L ove imparts you to see.
M ove out of Complaining,
N o weapon that is known
O n earth can yield the power
P raise can do alone.
Q uit worrying about the future,
R edeem the time at hand,
S tart every day with prayer
T o ‘thank’ is God’s command.
U ntil we see Him coming,
V ictorious in the sky,
W e’ll run the race with gratitude,
X alting the Most High God.
Y es, there’ll be good times and yes some will be bad, but…
Z ion awaits in glory…where no one is ever sad!

Love and peace be with you forever, Amen.

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There’s an interesting sequence of events leading up to Peter’s denial of Christ. First, Jesus warned Peter that he was a target: ‘"Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren"’ (Luke 22:31-32). Next we read that when the authorities came to arrest Christ, Peter ‘followed afar off'(Luke 22:54). Notice, Peter had grown distant from Christ. Then the man who swore he’d die for Jesus denied Him. At that point the rooster crowed, Peter remember his promise to Jesus, and ‘went out, and wept bitterly'(Luke 22:55-62).
Observe how it works: a) You’re unprepared for the enemy’s attack when it comes
b) You allow work and family pressures to cause you to forget that your first commitment must always be to God
c) You end up spiritually defeated. You say, ‘That will never happen to me.’ That’s what Peter said! The reason ‘"Satan hath desired to have you",’ is because he knows that when you become passionate about God’s purposes, you are unstoppable. Indeed, the very desire that’s burning within you right now is the fuel that enables you to withstand his attacks.
There’s a reason the crucifixion has been referred to as ‘The passion.’ The Bible says of Christ: ‘Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God’s (Hebrews 12:2). Even as He was dying, Jesus was ministering to others. That’s passion! So the word for you today is, ‘Don’t lose your passion for God.’

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By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

After salvation, the most important choice you will need to make is who to marry. This choice is so important that if you miss it, you will *suffer for long, if you get it right then you will enjoy forever. A bad marriage can affect every other area of your life.

This subject is so important, so many married people are hoping to be single again so as to make the right choice. If you are single please
don’t just be in a hurry to get married, you have the best opportunity to prepare for it.

For two people to come together to live in peace and harmony, they must agree spiritually, mentally and physically. Just like an elephant cannot marry an ant so also a believer cannot marry an unbeliever. If an elephant marries an ant how
would they live, if a goat marries a fish where would they meet? You must look for a Godly man or a Godly woman to marry, nothing can beat this. The devil’s primary target is the family. He knows that everyone belongs to a family and if he can make two wrong people meet then he has succeeded affecting the community and nations negatively. Ignore your age and the pressure for a moment, the pressure in a wrong marriage is far worse.

God has somebody for you but you must set your priorities right. What do you need in a woman? What do you need in a man?

Marriage is not about what you want, it is about who you need, that will make you better while you make him better. It is about *destiny. That is why you must know your purpose before you get married. Genesis 2:18.

You must pray before you choose. God knows the best person for you, it is only wise to seek His will. It is very easy to know God’s will when sex is not involved. The moment sex is involved and you want to know His will then He will blank you out. Why? Because you have broken His first Law of NO SEX before marriage. If you have had sex in the past then you need to repent totally and stay away from each other for sometime then you can seek the face of God. Your marriage will not be hell on earth. Your marriage will be honourable in the name of Jesus Christ.

Don’t marry for sex, don’t marry because you are of age, don’t marry because you are getting old, don’t marry because you are lonely, don’t marry because you need someone to support you financially, don’t marry out of pity, don’t marry because you mistakenly got
pregnant, don’t marry because you don’t want to lose the person, don’t marry because of family pressures, don’t marry because you like the idea of marriage and admire every wedding gown you see, don’t marry because all your friends are getting married. But get married because you want to fulfil destiny. Get married because you want to be a help mate. As a man, get married because you want to fulfil your purpose. God will help you in choosing, please let His will be done. Amen!

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There was a day I was reading a yoruba book, a story of a mouse and its babes. One of the babies told their mother that it wanted to play outside the hole, but it was not too long before it left the hole that it rushed in again trembling. The mother asked in fearful Voice the reason of its trembling. The mouse baby said "I saw an animal, a beautiful one indeed; it has a shinning body with a shinning eyes and a long tail. I love the animal so much an I love to be its friend and follow it. But suddenly a bird made a fearful noise that made me to tremble. The fearful voice from this bird did not allow me to enjoy the company new friend, so I rushed inside the hole.
The mouse thank God and told its baby that the animal it saw was cat and the animal is their enemy but not their friend. The mouse told its baby that if it continued playing with it within some seconds, the animal will kill it.
But the bird was not your enemy, it only assisted you not to be killed by the animal, it was the noise and fearful voice made by this bird that saved you for being killed by that animal. Although, the loud voice of the truth gospel preachers and soul-winners is disturbing you, but they are after your soul for salvation it maybe you are a church leader or you occupy a special position in your church. Don’t think that this is the end.
Remember this Bible references Ephesians 5:10; IICorinthians 13:5. Many people love playing with their enemies and hate following their friends JESUS CHRIST IS YOUR FRIEND John. 15:13-15. He has laid down His life for everybody to follow. For He(Jesus) has died for the whole world.

If have everything in this world without Jesus, you are most to be pitied. ICorinthians 15:19.
Ways for wayout.
Note this calculation: Note your sin (Psalms 51:1-2) + Confess your sin (Psalms 32:3) and repent + accept God’s forgiveness (Psalms 32:1-2) + have a joyful experience (Psalms 32:11) equal TO EVERLASTING JOY (Here. 3:13; Job 11:13-15; Ephesians 2:8; John 3:16; 18; Romans 10:8-10).


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